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Elefant presents Animal Picnic / Suara / Einmusika / Noir / Saturday 29.04.17

By Elefant / Kulturkartellet, Apr 26 2017 07:31AM

ANIMAL PICNIC (ES) (Suara / Einmusika / Noir Music / Steyoyoke)


JOEL:K (Jekos Music / Inlab Recordings)


ERIC SMALL (Small Records / Elefant)


SEBASTIAN GROLL (Keysers / Elefant)


2014 was an exceptional year for Spanish producers Daniel Banker and Inigo de la Riera. Fondly known as Animal Picnic, this power house duo are setting their sights high and are on route to conquering fresh musical territories. The pair officially formed in 2012 and after spending a season in Ibiza during 2013 the flood gates opened, initiating a stampede of creativity and support.

Animal Picnic were regular hosts on Ibiza Global Radio Station and have released on numerous labels such as Sleazy Deep, Alma Soul, Spirit Soul Records and Kumasi, but Danny and Inigo’s thirst to explore their abilities and changing music tastes, are far from quenched. The guys continue to evolve their sound toward a darker more bass driven sound, then what they have previously produced and Steyoyoke Recordings has become the perfect platform to accelerate this new direction.

Since having joined the Steyoyoke crew in 2014, Animal Picnic are full of inspiration and excitement for what is around the corner. Having featured not one but an impressive two remixes on Aaron’s ‘Fairy Tales’ EP, Danny and Inigo have enjoyed a succession of follow up collaborations with Aaryon. Together they have released two more EP’s ‘Euphony’ and ‘Vortex’ which both showcase their newly found direction perfectly.



Animal Picnic & Aaryon - Kymera (Original Mix)�

Animal Picnic & Aaryon - Hydra (Original Mix)�

Animal Picnic & Aaryon - Madara (Original Mix) �

Animal Picnic - Modern Planet (Original Mix) [KUMASI MUSIC]� Animal Picnic - Pandemia (Original Mix) [AEGYPTIA]�

Animal Picnic - Syntetic Poem (Original Mix) [SLEAZY DEEP]�

Animal Picnic - I Want To Get You Alone (Original Mix) [SLEAZY DEEP]� Animal Picnic - Love ́s Revenge (Original Mix) [SLEAZY DEEP]�

Animal Picnic - Lazy Tears (Original Mix) [SLEAZY DEEP]�

Animal Picnic - The Meaning Of Life (Original Mix) [EKLEKTISCH]�


Aaryon - Fairy Tales (Animal Picnic Remix) [STEYOYOKE]�

Aaryon - Fairy Tales (Animal Picnic Club Edit) [STEYOYOKE]�

Ran Salman & Shlomi B feat Rinat - Alive (Animal Picnic Remix) [DEAR DEER]� Futurpoets - Walk Away (Animal Picnic Remix) [DEAR DEER RECORDS]

Afrobeat feat. Know Kontrol - Disorder (Animal Picnic remix) [BLUE ORB RECORDS]� Xavier Arak feat Bethea - Gone (Animal Picnic Remix) [KUMASI MUSIC]�

Ran Salman - Lose Control (Animal Picnic Remix) [KUMASI MUSIC]�

Aytac Kart - That Love (Animal Picnic Remix) [RIKODISCO]�

WD2N, Natema feat. Samantha Leigh - Cabaret (Animal Picnic Remix) [EXOTIC REFR]� Haze-M & Cucumbers - Lady (Animal Picnic Remix) [SLEAZY DEEP]�

Matthias Vogt - Trust (Animal Picnic Remix) [ALMA SOUL MUSIC]�

Afrobeat - Another night (Animal Picnic Remix) [I RECORDS]�

Notize - Selb Sein (Animal Picnic Remix) [COMPORT RECORDS]�

Upcoming Releases:

Animal Picnic - Gravity (Original Mix) [STEYOYOKE]�

Ran Salman - Fractured Memorie (Animal Picnic Remix) [STEYOYOKE]� Dansor - Let It Go (Animal Picnic Remix) [COMPORT RECORDS]

Saturday 29 APRIL • ID 25 • C.C. 100,- • 21:00 - 03:30

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