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By Elefant / Kulturkartellet, Oct 11 2017 12:06PM




With 13 years behind them as a creative partnership Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito AKA Audiofly have accumulated unparalleled experience through their endeavours and continue to put everything into maintaining their careers at the highest level. After a chance meeting in 2002, the two men have established a creative empire, which includes two record labels, a global party brand and fashion. A constant source of positive energy, Audiofly retain a focus on the underground with the depth of knowledge to confidently explore new terrains.

After establishing themselves within the house and techno world as a potent partnership, Audiofly relocated from London to Barcelona in 2008. A hub for many of their peers, “A home for the romantics,” as Anthony puts it. In the coastal city they found the slower pace of life and bright, sunny climate to be the perfect catalyst behind their creative output, fuelling their progression both as artists and businessmen.

With over a decade of experience Audiofly’s work ethic remains high, they have taken the long road, preferring to retain their authenticity rather than sell out and milk the ‘trendiest’ sound in order to make a quick buck. Over the years they have avoided limiting themselves to one style, never making it easy for themselves but the long game provides a far more satisfying result and sets the true artists apart from those who are driven purely by ego and financial gain.

Anthony and Luca have been working harder than ever recently, with a second artist album in the works following on from 2011 long-player ‘Follow My Liebe’. This time around they’re incorporating live instrumentation and singers, demonstrating their broad musical range and diversity and pushing their artistic capabilities. It’s a project that will further bolster their reputation for experimentation and staunch belief in staying true to themselves.

Alongside their own musical careers, Audiofly run two labels. The first, Supernature, serves as a platform to represent both their musical vision and their ability to discover and nurture new talent. Over the years, Audiofly have been responsible for supporting the careers of artists such as Dance Spirit and Bedouin, among others, lending their experience to providing them with the necessary skills to succeed in this industry.

Meanwhile, Maison D’Etre is evolving into a vinyl-only platform, embodying the more traditional aspects of Audiofly’s ethos while, at the same time, the music direction is moving towards less traditional sphere with a series of intriguing collaborations and exciting new sounds in the pipeline.

On top of that, their party, Flying Circus, remains the jewel in the crown at many of the world’s biggest music events; WMC, Sonar Week, ADE and more, with a firm emphasis on quality over quantity. Making each event a proper show for its clientele is paramount for the duo as they uphold the core values of the party brand, while injecting their creative flair into making it the very best it can be.

The aim with all of these outlets is to create a tight-knit group of like-minded friends; a community of artists who inspire one another and work towards a united goal – to be the best they can be and to provide the partygoing public with an unforgettable experience.

Each of these endeavours represents a different branch of the Audiofly tree. Above all else, positivity, creativity and a clear vision remain the core elements that bind all of Audiofly’s enterprises together and they are the foundation of partnership that remains as scintillating now as it was 13 years ago when it was first formed.

Friday 10th of November • 21:00 - 03:30 • ID 25.

C.C 200,- + avg. Tickets out soon on Ticketmaster

By Elefant / Kulturkartellet, May 21 2017 12:06AM

Elefant presents Aaryon for the first time in Oslo.

Aaryon (ES) (Einmusika/Noir/Suara)




Carina Helen (Virus / Small Records / Elefant)


Eric Small (Small Records / Elefant)


The Aaryon project proudly strides into its second year and with all due respect, this is one artist whose accomplishments have gone from strength to strength. His affinity with music is sequenced from two things, his unyielding “no limits’ attitude and a habitual affection to live and breathe electronic music.

“Fairy Tales” was his debut release with Steyoyoke back in October 2014 and it was also the labels highest selling track for most of 2015, which is an amazing feat all on its own. Having substantiated his career launch with such a bang, this musical connoisseur then set about sharpening his creative skills even further and bolstered his rapidly growing fan base with ease. Aaryon’s signature sound syphons toward a darker style, with elements of both electronica and techno, but overall, his tracks all possess an organic rawness, which is perfectly balanced between smooth melodic peaks and bold edgy hooks.

“Euphony” and “Vortex” were Aaryon’s follow up releases and since then, has gone on to add a swag of high end releases and remixes to his repertoire. His remix of Solee’s “Dromen” on Parquet in 2015, was supported and played by numerous reputable DJs worldwide and shortly after that same year, his first EP on the label “Calathea” was released. Aaryon’s remixing abilities have also been utilised by other quality artists such as Oliver Schories and Pete Oak. Earning a solid list of musical virtuosity since 2014 and with such positive success being enjoyed so early on in his career, it is quite clear that Aaryon is on a personal conquest to emulate and share with everyone, the natural musicality that courses through his veins.

By Elefant / Kulturkartellet, May 19 2017 08:01AM


- https://soundcloud.com/zoo-brazil

• NEOVE (Rouge/Cirka Loka)

- https://www.facebook.com/NeoV-82400860624/

- https://soundcloud.com/neove

• TONY-H (Rouge/Cirka Loka)

- https://soundcloud.com/tonyendre

• SNOK (Huldra Recordings/Symbiostic Berlin)

- https://soundcloud.com/snok-music

Zoo Brazil first started DJing in 1989.His father was a musician who influenced him. In 2007 he received a Grammy nomination for his work on Kylie Minogue's album X.

As a DJ he has performed all over the world at clubs including Ministry of Sound, Space and Pacha, and has played underground clubs and festivals all over the world from Australia, Europe, North and South America including Creamfields .

Andersson has written music for various Hollywood movies, TV shows such as Nip/Tuck and channels such as BBC, Discovery, MTV, HBO, Channel 4 and more. In 2012 he composed music for the para olympics opening ceremony in London and music for the Dermablend "Go Beyond The Cover"video which has reached over 30 million views on YouTube and was awarded with the 2 silver lions at the Cannes festival.

He has worked with and remixed some of the world's largest artists including Fatboy Slim (Skint/Astralwerks), Lana Del Ray (Interscope Records), Kylie Minogue (Emi/Virgin), Inflames (Universal music), Giorgio Moroder (Sony), Human Leauge (Virgin), Danni Mingoue (FFRR), and Nitin Sawney (V2),as well as a whole host of the most respected and credible "underground" dance acts like James Holden (Loaded/Border Com.), Steve Angello (Size) Ian Pooley (V2/Ministry Of Sound) Blaze (Slip N Slide), Dirty Vegas (Credence/EMI), Lo Fidelity Allstars (Skint/Astralwerks), Zoot Woman/Stuart Price, and many more.

Beginning of 2015 John released his third Djmix cd called “Zoo Brazil - Songs for Clubs vol.3”, remixed Giorgio Moroder & Kylie Minogue's "Right Here, Right Now" that went nr 1 on Billboard Dance Chart, and the single "Save Us" on Size Records.

New releases for late 2015/16 coming on Souvenir, King Street, Size, Factomania, Saved Records and a new Zoo Brazil artist album for Size/Blackhole Recordings, and a new djmix album for Get Physical Music - Full Body Workout.

20 May • id 25 • c.c. 100,- 21:00 - 03:30 •

By Elefant / Kulturkartellet, May 10 2017 02:29PM

ELEFANT proudly presents M.A.N.D.Y. (Philipp Jung)

With warm up by Oslo´s Favourite G-Ha + Carina Helen & Eric Small

• M.A.N.D.Y. (Philipp Jung) (DE)

Warm Up:

• G-Ha

• Carina Helen

• Eric Small

> M.A.N.D.Y. (DE) (Get Physical Music)

(Phillip Jung - one of the two big P’s that constitutes the legendary german duo)

M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade joined as musical soul mates with DJ T., first in Frankfurt, then in Berlin, Get Physical produced a caliber of electricity that rippled throughout the underground community and into the relative mainstream.

Together, they push the boundaries of dance music to compile an enviable arsenal of electro kissing house while caressing disco and flirting with techno. Body Language was the ubiquitous hit of 2005 and M.A.N.D.Y.'s Fabric Series three years later cemented their reputation as two of the most captivating selectors on the planet. One of their prestigious events was a complication for “Renaissance" in 2009 which was met with tremendous accolades and described by "Resident Advisor" as "maturity, smarts, and cohesion...that is rare these days.”

Philipp knows exactly which buttons to press to make that bass jiggle up your spine and seduce your body free.

(Full bio - http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/mandy/biography)

♫ http://soundcloud.com/m-a-n-d-y

> http://www.facebook.com/getmandy

> Get Physical Music - http://www.getphysicalmusic.com/

Thursday 11 May • 20:00 - 03:30 • C.C. 200,- • ID 22 •

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/265961243853860/

By Elefant / Kulturkartellet, May 10 2017 02:25PM

Elefant inviterer til åpning av uteserveringen og Vernissage med billed kunstner PÅL ANDERS VOLD.

Åpning torsdag 11mai. kl 15:00 - 20:00

Utstillingen henger til 31Mai.

Denne invitasjonen gjelder for venner og medlemmer/følgere av Elefant/Kulturkartellet og Art Disco på facebook.

ART DISCO: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=art+disco

Gratis inngang og velkomst bobler vi bli servert fra 15:00.

Vi åpner dørene for M.A.N.D.Y. kl 20:00. Her må man kjøpe billetter i døra eller evt kjøpe billetter under Vernissagen. Vær tidlig ute, for her blir det garantert fullt :)

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/265961243853860/

By Elefant / Kulturkartellet, May 4 2017 07:51AM

ELEFANT er stolte av å presentere årets lineup til Musikkfest 2017. Vi er en offisiell scene hvor vi representerer en haug av fantastiske artister både DJ's og LIVE, Norske og Internasjonale. Vi har fått med oss M.E.M.O. fra Spania og Ruba KPØ fra Frankrike. De har utgivelser på annerkjente labels som Bedrock • Yoshitoshi • Sonar Kollektiv (Berlin) ++ Forvent dere en dag/kveld stappet av fet musikk fra start til slutt ♥

M.E.M.O. aka Monolitio (Bedrock I Yoshitoshi I Debox I Boayer I Lot49 I PornoSchool I IndigoRaw I Stirsound I Imperanza I 4line)





Ruba KPØ (Sonar Kollektiv (Berlin)



Hauser P


Safira & Andre Bravo

Carina Helen


Alexander Lino


Mary Djæzz & Claude F


Sebastian Groll

Schmeller Kind

Paul White

Rubi Chantel

Klanglokomotivet TM


Zoran Bicanic

Tony H & Neove

Duncan Macdonald

By Elefant / Kulturkartellet, Apr 26 2017 07:35AM

Denne Søndagen har vi fått med ULTRAPLAY aka Darren-C som er mannen bak Ultraplay et søndagskonsept på Cafe 1001 i Brick Lane, (London) Ultraplay er et konsept som startet opp i 2005. DJ's som spiller der regelmessig er Alex Paterson of The Orb, Giles Smith, Mr C, Dollz at play, og Jackie Misfit for å nevne noen.

• ULTRAPLAY aka DARREN-C (UK) (Ultraplay)

- http://ultraplay.co.uk/

• INKFISH (Inkfish Rec • Renaissance)

- https://www.facebook.com/DjInkfish/

• SEBASTIAN GROLL (Elefant • Keysers)

Elefant • Søndag 30 April (Natt til 1 Mai) • ID 25 • Free Cover • 21.00 - 03:30

By Elefant / Kulturkartellet, Apr 26 2017 07:31AM

ANIMAL PICNIC (ES) (Suara / Einmusika / Noir Music / Steyoyoke)


JOEL:K (Jekos Music / Inlab Recordings)


ERIC SMALL (Small Records / Elefant)


SEBASTIAN GROLL (Keysers / Elefant)


2014 was an exceptional year for Spanish producers Daniel Banker and Inigo de la Riera. Fondly known as Animal Picnic, this power house duo are setting their sights high and are on route to conquering fresh musical territories. The pair officially formed in 2012 and after spending a season in Ibiza during 2013 the flood gates opened, initiating a stampede of creativity and support.

Animal Picnic were regular hosts on Ibiza Global Radio Station and have released on numerous labels such as Sleazy Deep, Alma Soul, Spirit Soul Records and Kumasi, but Danny and Inigo’s thirst to explore their abilities and changing music tastes, are far from quenched. The guys continue to evolve their sound toward a darker more bass driven sound, then what they have previously produced and Steyoyoke Recordings has become the perfect platform to accelerate this new direction.

Since having joined the Steyoyoke crew in 2014, Animal Picnic are full of inspiration and excitement for what is around the corner. Having featured not one but an impressive two remixes on Aaron’s ‘Fairy Tales’ EP, Danny and Inigo have enjoyed a succession of follow up collaborations with Aaryon. Together they have released two more EP’s ‘Euphony’ and ‘Vortex’ which both showcase their newly found direction perfectly.



Animal Picnic & Aaryon - Kymera (Original Mix)�

Animal Picnic & Aaryon - Hydra (Original Mix)�

Animal Picnic & Aaryon - Madara (Original Mix) �

Animal Picnic - Modern Planet (Original Mix) [KUMASI MUSIC]� Animal Picnic - Pandemia (Original Mix) [AEGYPTIA]�

Animal Picnic - Syntetic Poem (Original Mix) [SLEAZY DEEP]�

Animal Picnic - I Want To Get You Alone (Original Mix) [SLEAZY DEEP]� Animal Picnic - Love ́s Revenge (Original Mix) [SLEAZY DEEP]�

Animal Picnic - Lazy Tears (Original Mix) [SLEAZY DEEP]�

Animal Picnic - The Meaning Of Life (Original Mix) [EKLEKTISCH]�


Aaryon - Fairy Tales (Animal Picnic Remix) [STEYOYOKE]�

Aaryon - Fairy Tales (Animal Picnic Club Edit) [STEYOYOKE]�

Ran Salman & Shlomi B feat Rinat - Alive (Animal Picnic Remix) [DEAR DEER]� Futurpoets - Walk Away (Animal Picnic Remix) [DEAR DEER RECORDS]

Afrobeat feat. Know Kontrol - Disorder (Animal Picnic remix) [BLUE ORB RECORDS]� Xavier Arak feat Bethea - Gone (Animal Picnic Remix) [KUMASI MUSIC]�

Ran Salman - Lose Control (Animal Picnic Remix) [KUMASI MUSIC]�

Aytac Kart - That Love (Animal Picnic Remix) [RIKODISCO]�

WD2N, Natema feat. Samantha Leigh - Cabaret (Animal Picnic Remix) [EXOTIC REFR]� Haze-M & Cucumbers - Lady (Animal Picnic Remix) [SLEAZY DEEP]�

Matthias Vogt - Trust (Animal Picnic Remix) [ALMA SOUL MUSIC]�

Afrobeat - Another night (Animal Picnic Remix) [I RECORDS]�

Notize - Selb Sein (Animal Picnic Remix) [COMPORT RECORDS]�

Upcoming Releases:

Animal Picnic - Gravity (Original Mix) [STEYOYOKE]�

Ran Salman - Fractured Memorie (Animal Picnic Remix) [STEYOYOKE]� Dansor - Let It Go (Animal Picnic Remix) [COMPORT RECORDS]

Saturday 29 APRIL • ID 25 • C.C. 100,- • 21:00 - 03:30

By Elefant / Kulturkartellet, Apr 26 2017 07:28AM

Primal Behaviour relanseres. Ny tid, nytt fokus. Primal Behaviour får to lokasjoner: Oslo og København. Fokus: høykvalitets techno. Relanseringen fredag 28. april skal feires med en knakende klubbkveld på en gammel dass, tidligere kalt Skansen. Nå: Elefant. Første fest i København er 8.7. En god anledning til å ta en weekend i Danmark.

• Francis Francis aka Fisch (Dancing is a human instinct | OSL-CPH)

• Ida Nerbø (DOT | Bergen Techno Fanzine | Bergen)

• Marte Hveem (Versktedet | Oslo)

• VJ´s: Joao & Lux Visuals





Forvent å høre techno fra dørene åpner kl 21:00.

Elefant • -03:30 • ID 25 • C.C. 100,-

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